Welcome to the sustainability report of RAG Austria AG

"RAG Austria AG sees itself as an energy storage and supply company with strong sustainability credentials. We are working towards the notion of an energy cycle society (carbon cycle)."

Join us on our path to sustainability.

Responsible approach to
the environment

Sustainable products

Our responsibilities to

Political contributions (euro)

Operational facilities audited for risks of corruption

Confirmed incidents of corruption and actions taken

m³ Water consumption

Tons of commercial waste

m² Deconstructions
"Green Meadow - Green Meadow"

Interacting with communities

... means treating civil society figures with respect, and constantly striving for transparent and open communications in the interests of good partnerships with them.

Local links

... means that we talk openly and honestly with local authorities, residents and public agencies, and act as a reliable partner to host regions. RAG sees itself as part of the communities that host its facilities.

15,1 %

of employees use alternative
part-time models

Total head

171 | 76 % Men

54 | 24 % Women

11 Parental
part-time working

2 | 18,2 % Men

9 | 81,8 % Women

We hope you enjoy our
Sustainability Report

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